Family History Detective: Tricia’s Tracings can assist you with all your family and historical research requirements.  I am a qualified historian with over 20 years of genealogy research experience. I specialise in all family history research within Australia, and have particular expertise in convict and military records.  I can research your family tree or assist you in breaking down the brick wall in your own family history research.

My work is predominately online research.  Resulting from many years of experience l am knowledgable of numerous resources and am time efficient on accessing required resources.

My presentation includes traditional family tree charts and pedigree reports including Ahnentafel and descendant reports.  I also collaborate the research into a personalised family history story intertwining local historical data with stories and events from your ancestor’s life.  Your family story, charts and reports will be compiled into a presentation folder.  This folder will also include printed PDF copies of historical documents, a comprehensive source list and a bibliography.  You will also receive a GEDCOM file of my research, which you can then upload into your own genealogy software program.  Additionally, all research will be copied to a USB drive.

My services are ideal for those who want to learn more about their family history but are not able to undertake the research themselves OR  for those who need an expert to continue searching earlier generations of their family.

Please contact me to learn the specifics of what is included in each package. 


Family History Research Projects:


Single Line Research Project

Family history research of one parental line – one parent and one grandparent (2-6 surnames)

Approximately 3 months to completion


Paternal or Maternal Research Project

Family history research of one parent and both grandparents (2-12 surnames)


Approximately 5 months to completion


Full Family Research Project

Family history research of both parents and four grandparents 


Approximately 9 months to completion



Genealogy Research Projects:


Convict Research Project

Cradle to grave research of one convict; tracing family background, arrest, transportation, period under sentence, freedom, post conviction life to death when possible.

$40 per hour (estimation of 5-6 hours to complete)


Military Research Project

Cradle to grave research of one individual military serviceman; tracing family background, period under enlistment; post war life to death.

$40 per hour (estimation of 3-4 hours to complete)


Genealogy Project for DIY Research

You may prefer to conduct your own research but not sure how to start.  I will identify your direct line ancestors so you can research their stories. I will provide you with a pedigree chart, naming your direct line ancestors and record birth, marriage and death data where possible.  I will also provide a list of recommended sources so that you may discover the stories of your ancestors.

$40 per hour (estimation of 4 hours to complete)


Hourly Research

Have you hit the dreaded brick wall in your own family history research?  Let me help you solve the mystery.  Are you interested in learning more about one famous/infamous person from your family?  I can assist you to develop their story.  

$40 per hour – no minimum hours 



Something Else?:


Personal tuition

Have you purchased an Ancestry.com.au subscription but feel overwhelmed?  Have you discovered that it isn’t as simple as typing your name and your whole family history appearing?  I can show you how to get started.  My training module approach is “Explain, Demonstrate, Practice”.


Speaking Engagements

I am available for hire to present a one hour presentation.  Topics may include:

Family History: Where do l start?

Family History: Online Sources

Family History: Organising my research

Convict Ancestors: Family skeletons revealed

Military Ancestors: Australia at war


Transcription Service

Did you trace your family history by trawling through microfiche at libraries and now have shoeboxes full of documents?  Have you inherited a trove of family stories and artefacts but do not have the time nor skills to organise and document this information?  I can organise your family history for posterity by digitising your paper research into a genealogy program.  You and your descendants will be grateful.

$40 per hour

My Services:

I offer a free no obligation consultation to learn your requirements.  This may be in person, via telephone, skype or facetime.  Whilst l reside in the heart of the Victorian goldfields, my client base can easily be Australia wide.

My project fees are an indication of expected charges.  As all families are unique, so will be the research.  Please contact me to discuss your particular requirements.  I will cater my research and presentation to your needs.  



I provide various payment options, which include direct deposit, cheque and Paypal.  I also offer payment plans.

Payment in advance is required for any work of five hours or less.

I require a 10% deposit to commence a family history project.  The balance must be paid at least one month prior to the completion of research.

Please note that Family History Detective: Tricia’s Tracings reserves the right to withhold documents and research until full payment has been received.



I am committed to providing a quality service. Please note that l am charging you for my time and expenses incurred during research.  Whilst l cannot guarantee that l will discover all details about your ancestors, l do guarantee that l will conduct my time efficiently and effectively.  I will utilise my expertise to source all possible records.  I will document and authenticate all of these sources and trust that you will be satisfied with my endeavours.

Cancellation Policy:


A paid deposit will be forfeited if you choose to cancel the project prior to the agreed start date.    


If l have commenced your research project, you will be liable for the full agreed amount of the total project cost.  If you decide to cancel the project you will be required to pay any outstanding balance.  I will then provide you with all research material completed to that point including certificates purchased on your behalf.    


If you have paid a deposit and cancel without good reason (for example, if you change your mind), you will lose that deposit to the business.  A fair deposit is usually considered to be 10% of the total cost of service provided unless other factors, such as the potential loss or inconvenience to that business, justify a higher sum.

Please check their website: 


FAMILY HISTORY DETECTIVE: TRICIA’S TRACINGS reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

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